Music Lovers To Music Producers: Wild City Is Redefiniing Gigs, Mentorship, And Skillsharing With This Festival

Missing all your intimate gigs, music sessions, and chill interactions with your favorite musicians and artists? The Wild City, an online community that boasts of having been a magazine, platform and events company (Heard of the Magnetic Fields music festival? That’s organised by them) has launched Wild City: Together. Aimed at going beyond just online streaming, they will be organising one-on-one mentoring sessions for budding music producers ( by the likes of BLOT!, Arjun Vagale, Kohra and Sandunes among others) on private Zoom sessions. There will also be skill-sharing sessions(for those of you starting out or wanting to join the music industry, this is a great option), and conversations, all held for a limited number of participants through April and May. For the fans, there will be live sessions through the Instagram and Facebook pages, so follow them for regular updates on the event schedule. Any and all fees collected through the events will be donated to the charities that Wild City supports. You can read more about the events here, and can sign up here