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Wolf Walks: A Talk on Wolves, their Natural Habitat and Wildlife Conversation

Roshni posted on 25th February

Ten-second takeaway

Conservation biologist, Siddharth Rao decodes habitat restoration and wildlife conservation, particularly for the wolf population in the country.

The hour of the wolf

Shining the spotlight on the Indian wolf population, the talk, Wolf Walks will take you through interesting facts about the animal's habitat and how it can be preserved. Organised by Co.lab (a co-working space) as part of their monthly event, After Hours (which features people from different fields), February's talk has Andhra Pradesh-based conservation biologist, Siddharth Rao (team leader at Adavi Trust, which focuses on biodiversity conservation) taking centrestage.

Wild and natural

According to statistics, apparently there is a rapid decline in the population of Indian wolves (Canis lupis pallipes, subspecies of the grey wolf) in the country, of which around 2,500 stay in the wild, away from traditional 'protected areas'. Loss of habitat and retaliatory killings are just some of the reasons for this. Separated into two parts, the first half of Siddharth's talk will give you a clearer insight into this decline. He will also narrate how ten villages in Andhra Pradesh successfully restored around 10,000 acres of wolf habitat. How people's interactions make an impact on natural surroundings, and their role in wildlife conservation are what will form the second part of the talk. So you'll join the pack this weekend?

Where: Co.lab, 4th Main Rd, Krishna Reddy Layout, Amarjyoti Layout

When: Saturday, February 27, 4.30pm

Contact: +91 9972400924

Price: INR 100 (payable at venue)

Find the event on Facebook here.

Featured image via: Fabrice Stoger

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4th Main Rd, Krishna Reddy Layout, Amarjyoti Layout, Bengaluru


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