Cindy Lauper got it absolutely spot on when she sang ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. We really do.  And what better way to enjoy life than travelling. No need to bring along the boyfriend or husband either. In fact, ditch Dad and your brother too. Just rope in your gal pals, Mum, sisters or just dive in solo into the world on women travellers. These women-only travel clubs will give you that push if you need it. Here’s to many holidays without them boys and their smelly socks! Ready girls? Let’s go!

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The Wow Club – Women On Wanderlust

The Wow Club – Women On Wanderlust

The pioneer of women-only travel groups in the country, The Wow Club – Women On Wanderlust, was kicked off by Sumitra Senapaty in 2005, and it’s only blossomed since. From treks to the Valley of Flowers and Ladakh and domestic trips to Sikkim, Kashmir and Tamil Nadu, ladies, you’ll see India like never before. Their international sojourns are great too as they skip the usual spots. So think Greece, Iceland, Russia and Bhutan too. There’s a Signature Journey category too which really takes you to exotic locations; currently that’s South America for Peru, Argentina and Chile or a 10-day trip to Galapagos Islands. Want to customise your holiday? No problem, they’ve got you covered!

Price: INR 25,000 upwards.

Contact: +91 9871921623

Find out more about them here. Follow them on Facebook here.

Women On Clouds Club

Right then, ditch the menfolk, gather your girls or even go solo with this group. Based in Delhi, they currently don’t venture too far from home all the time. Think wildlife park trips, haunted palace trails and of course, adventure holidays to Leh, Ladakh. But a few times a year, pack up for Morocco, Macau, Bhutan and Cambodia. What we really like about this group is that it’s not always high-flying. It’s all about the fun and camaraderie.

Price: INR 10,000 upwards

Contact: +91 9810033630

Find out more about them here. Follow them on Facebook here.

Soul Purpose

Photo Source:  Soul Purpose

Photo Source: Soul Purpose

Currently under renovation, but soon to be up and running, Soul Purpose, much like their name is all about soulful holidays that bring in elements of adventure, culture, food and of course, oodles of excitement and fun. From answering the call of the hornbill in Nagaland to the adrenalin pumping rafting rides in Rishikesh, ladies, don’t hold back on these trips. Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Andamans are also part of their list, but we can’t wait for round two of the glamping trip to Rajasthan. Oh! And anyone for exploring Jordan?

Price: INR 10,000 upwards


Find out more about them here. Follow them on Facebook here.

Ms Travel Bee

All your trips will be hosted by one Ms Travel Bee who likes to explore everything from galleries, museums and castles to folk art, music and heritage. Expect plenty of adventures in art, culture and food too on your trips across the globe. Open to women over 18 years, upcoming trips include Panchkula, Dalhousie and an Independence Day special to Khajjiar. What’s great about this one is that there’s no cancellation policy. Plus, trips abroad and to unusual destinations in India come with a full day to experience the culture and mingle with locals.

Price: INR 5,500 upwards

Contact: +91 7861991991

Find out more about them here. Follow them on Facebook here.

Byond Travel

Photo Source:  Byond Travel

Photo Source: Byond Travel

These guys have a women-only club part of the larger travel portal. All about exotic destinations that are still lesser known than the Italys and Americas of the world, you can count on finding somewhere new to take you wonderful women. From Croatia and Jordan to Russia and Iceland, you’ll have a swell time. What we like is that even if you join them on a trip to Bhutan or Spain, they’ll have something up their sleeve that separates them from others – like practice tai-chi surrounded by the limestone karsts of Halong Bay in Vietnam.

Price: INR 50,000 upwards

Contact: 080 39511935

Find out more about them here. Follow them on Facebook here.

Wonderful World – Women On Their Own Trip

Photo Source:  Wonderful World

Photo Source: Wonderful World

Oh how we love the ‘women on their own trip’ in addition to the actual name! And the best part? They mean exactly that. They’ll do the hard work of scouting for places, and you just go along and take in the vista, history, tradition and of course, social life! While they travel in relatively small groups so there’s more chance of bonding, they even customise a package to suit you and your group. They even have Mommy And Me holidays! Quickly sign up for their upcoming trips to Jordan, Bhutan, Meghalaya {oh yeah} and Cambodia. There’s also a Mother Of All Road Trips planned for later this year which will go from India to Thailand!

Price: INR 6,000 upwards

Contact: +91 9810494806

Find out more about them here. Follow them on Facebook here.


Photo Source:  F5 Escapes

Photo Source: F5 Escapes

Specialising in ‘alternate’ travel, this Bangalore-based company has one-day trips like a quickie to Le Pakshi as well as longer 10-day ones to Ladakh. Plus, Chikmagalur and Pondicherry in the middle for a few days. Sounds great, no? So maybe we’ll see you on their next getaway!

Price: INR 2,500 upwards

Contact: 080 39510700

Find out more about them here. Follow them on Facebook here.

The Wander Girls

Want to troop off to the Valley of Flowers? Or perhaps soak up the sun/rain in Goa this monsoon? What’s stopping you, girl? No need to wait for the boyfriend, or neighbour or colleague. Just book yourself a trip with The Wander Girls and go. You can even venture a bit further to Bhutan or Ladakh with this group. Want to customise? No probs, they’re happy to help you figure your travel plans for an exclusive holiday too.

Price: INR 7,500 upwards

Contact: +91 9867860244

Find out more about them here. Follow them on Facebook here.

Feature Photo: Beyond Travel


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