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Disclose Secrets Of The Universe This World UFO Day

Rini posted on 8th June

What Is It?

Celebrate World UFO Day {can you hear us Superman?} with an interactive session at The Humming Tree. The session will delve into the unknown realms of the universe to explore life outside of planet Earth. And you know what that means, right? Aliens! The talk will be by Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya, an astrobiologist.

Who Is It For?

If Roswell, Kryptonite and ET all mean something to you, then this one's for you. If it doesn't then it's time you learned a bit more about our space neighbours! Any one who's curious about the universe, life elsewhere and really lies beyond out reality, must hit up this talk.

Why Should I Go For It?

world ufo day the humming tree

Source: The Humming Tree

The Humming Tree hosts this event, to prepare you to brace yourself in case there is an alien invasion, of course. Besides that, you can learn so much from an afternoon with Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya - the head of the Indian Astrobiology Research Centre and the Centre for United Nations. Learn while he shares his widely acclaimed research about the origin, evolution and distribution of life in the Universe. There's even a Q&A session so you can ask all your galactic queries, and uncover the secrets of other planets. Who knows, maybe ET will pay you a visit someday soon!

When: Sunday, 12 June

Where:  #949, 3rd Floor & Rooftop, 12th Main Road, Indiranagar

Price: INR 300 entry fee

Contact: +91 7022359288

Timings: 3pm - 5.30pm

Find the event on Facebook here.

Buy your tickets online here.

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