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Hello Panda, Cream Buns & Jelly Beans: WowBox, India's First Japanese Subscription Box Is Here

Akshaya posted on 31st January

Ten Second Takeaway

Check out WowBox’s unconventional snack offers all the way from Japan — chips, candies and drinks, this is the real deal! And it’s budget-friendly, too!

Say Kon'nichiwa

Wow Box is a Japanese-based subscription box that curates a delicious selection of candies and snacks. Sour candies, chocolate wafers, jelly beans, sparkling cider — they certainly aren’t skimping on giving you the best assortment possible. Whether you have a sweet tooth or are trying to be health conscious, pick from one of their several subscription plans. They even have one called Kawaii & Beauty for people who love cute, pretty snacks — sounds Insta-perfect, doesn’t it? Subscription prices per month start from only INR 1,020 with free delivery, so all-in-all it’s a pretty sweet deal!

Kawaii Candy Bonanza

Our Wow Box was Fun & Tasty contained an assortment of candies and chips. We were most excited to find the original Japanese Hello Panda, which tasted quite different from the kind you get in India. Another office favourite was the Potato Snack Corn Potage {hey, we didn’t name these} — the chips were light and flavourful, with a wonderfully unique crisp texture, yum. The Caramel Corn Sticks were also super delicious — we just couldn’t stop reaching for them. Oishiikatta desu! And it’s the first of it’s kind that we’re hearing of in India, which is exciting! But you’ll need to wait around two weeks for your package to arrive. If you can’t wait, Express Shipping is possible, but at a cost.

Subscribe for WowBox here.


Check the WowBox website once your box has been delivered for full product details and descriptions so you know what you’re eating and how to prepare it!


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