Get Silky Smooth Hydrated Skin By Using This Moisturiser

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Aquskn Daily Moisturizing Cream (100g)

Aquskn Daily Moisturizing Cream (100g)


What Makes It Awesome

If you're looking for natural skincare, that's gentle yet effective, Wuba's Aquskn daily moisturiser should be your pick. First off, the texture is silky, and will require some extra massaging to be evenly absorbed by your skin. After that though, your skin will be soft and smooth, pretty much for the rest of the day due to the extremely hydrating ingredients including shea butter, cocoa butter,  liquorice, and ashwagandha.

For those of you worried about strong smells, it actually has a lingering scent of freshly washed (or ironed) laundry that stays on for a while. It's neutral yet crisp and comforting. For more information about the brand, its range of products, and why we love them, click here.

What Could Be Better

It's so hydrating that if you're in a humid place (or you're sweaty), your skin starts to feels sticky. 


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