Ten-Second Takeaway

Yauatcha has redone its menu for its fifth birthday, and with additions such as Spicy Hargau, Port Klang Chilli Prawn and even an exotic fried rice, it has regained its original glory. And Truffle Pork Ribs… It can’t quite get better than this. Right?

Dim Sum, Win Some


Not starting with dim sum here is criminal. So of course we began with Chicken Coriander and Spicy Har Gau. The chicken, though not very unique, was flavourful, while the prawn ones, came pretty in purple translucent casing and hit all the right spots — more so due to the sting of bamboo shoots and the drizzle of tobiko {flying fish roe} caviar. Crunchy Iceberg {which is a veggie one with asparagus, iceberg lettuce and water chestnuts}, is a bit gloopy and quite avoidable.

Oriental Flavours


The spicy pork wanton in Szechuan sauce came next. An Indianised Hot & Sour soup, this didn’t quite cut it for us. The Port Klang-style chilli prawn more than made up for the soupy disappointment. With that spice typical of the Malaysia, it was redolent with ginger, lemon grass and a tangy hot and sour sauce. We polished off the whole plate comprising about eight shrimps! What won us over that evening though was the Truffle Pork Ribs. Just the right size, perfectly done and with plenty of actually truffles on it {oh and asparagus on the side too}, it was the best we’d had in a long time.

Simple though striking is also the latest fried rice on the menu. Lightly sautéed in a soy sauce with shiitake mushrooms, the fragrant {like an earthy tea!} rice could well be a meal in itself. Pair it with Guangdong Chicken — roasted, fried and then sautéed with coriander, spinach, spring onions and ginger and you’re sorted. While we’re not sure the chicken recipe is very Oriental, we did love the flavours, so we won’t complain!

Tangy Finale

Finish off with the Citrus Tart that is tangy with just a hint of sweet to make it classify as dessert. Served with a delicious and sharp Mandarin sorbet {though we’re wondering if it was really pomelo or  grapefruit}, this dish was a lovely change from the usual overly sweet treats.