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Get Help Exploring the World With Your Local Cousin

Editors posted on 29 February


Your Local Cousin is a new travel platform, connecting travellers with locals for an authentic, immersive experience.

We Like It

Right off the bat, we have to admit we quite like the concept of Your Local Cousin {YLC}. Started in 2015, the online platform is a great find for those who love to travel, but hate feeling like a tourist. How often have you gone on a holiday and thought, ‘if only I knew a local to show me around?’ Well, YLC connects you with exactly that kind of local.

We think this would be a great way to explore cities, and discover spots you would never find in a guidebook.

How Does it Work?

YLC connects potential travellers with trusted locals {they’re vetted beforehand} who share similar interests to you. You can communicate with them as you plan your trip for better scheduling. After this, the locals will send customised recommendations to help you make any changes, or give advice {so remember to ask a lot of questions!}.

They are there to help you plan the perfect trip, but not to hold your hand along the way.

Worldwide Phenomenon

YLC is not just a national platform. You can ask locals all over the world for advice. Just a cursory search of Paris on YLC’s website revealed 17 locals from Parisian neighbourhoods.

With hundreds of locals in over 80 countries, they do a pretty good job of helping you cover your bases. However, keep in mind that they are a young company and as such, may not have a local for some cities entirely.

A new way to travel

With the aim to help you plan a great trip, avoid using outdated travel guides and being stuck in tourist lines, YLC is a great new travel platform. We suggest you give it a whirl next time the travel bug bites you, and if you’re feeling a little rooted, you can also become a Local Cousin on the website and share your expertise and city knowledge with others.