Eat Like The King Or Queen That You Are: Breakfast Done Right With Rishta Foods!


    What Makes It Awesome

    You might want to consider getting into an intimate relationship with breakfast if you aren’t in one already once you have breakfast from Rishta Foods. This is a pre-independence venture started and is aimed at delivering high quality breakfast mixes and food staples. Their forte however, happens to be their south-Indian breakfast mixes and food staples that will instantly have your senses batting for more of their batters. Each essential staple you could name for a South Indian fare is to be found with these guys. Chutney Podi, Dosas, Uthappams and Ragi Idlis to something as simple and basic as Wheat Flour, Rishta Foods has it. How can you buy it? You can place your orders through Enquire on LBB.

    To add that healthy zing, they have multi grain batters as well, their ragi mix is a top seller. Use their batters for super fluffy idlis and fresh, crispy instant dosas/uthappams. For all you laypeople in the kitchen, these come with recipe ideas and how-to-make instructions that make the entire experience, from the mix in their packets to the mix in your stomach, hassle-free. Just keep in mind to store them below 10°C and bring it to room temperature before cooking it. They even sell A2 cow ghee and other dairy essentials.

    What extra can you buy? Their special podi masalas and their signature oil which is a blend of mustard and rice bran oil. Moderately priced, you could a kilogram of batter for around INR 108.