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Zu's Doner Kebaps: An All-New Takeaway Joint For The Popular Turkish Wraps

Roshni posted on 27 April

Ten-Second Takeaway

A newly opened takeaway and delivery service, Zu’s Doner Kebaps brings the popular Turkish-German delight {doner kebaps} to town, along with interesting variations.

Chow Down

Doner Kebap, Kapsalon

Sip On

Nature’s Love

Winning For

The doner kebaps {and simple variants} that they specialise in, which are truly value for money.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Designed as a basic takeaway joint, there isn’t much of an ambience to speak of. They do have a few tables {no seating though} if you’d like to grab a quick bite.

What's On The Menu?

Following a takeaway and delivery format, the eatery {which opened two weeks ago}, offers doner kebaps in chicken, vegetarian {with a mixed veg patty}, salad and special {packed with more meat and fries, too} versions along with a few other similar dishes like Iskender {a variant, with the meat cooked in tomato puree and served with yoghurt} and Kapsalon {a Dutch special which has the chicken with fries, a layer of salad vegetables and lots of cheese}.

If you aren’t too familiar with doner kebaps, all you need to do is ask Zubair Abdul Waheed {who runs Zu’s Doner Kebaps with his wife, Shaistha} about the dish and he will tell you all about it, starting from its origin in Turkey and how it was popularised in Germany. Prepared with meat cooked on a turning vertical rotisserie {in fact, doner means ‘turning’ in Turkish} and mostly served as a wrap, what makes Zu’s doner kebaps special is their mix of sauces, following a recipe {a well-kept secret, they say}.

Chomping On

Made with pita bread {maida and wheat options are available}, the wraps here are quite big and come packed with chunks of chicken and veggies. So, get set for some messy eating. The secret sauces lend an interesting blend of tangy and spicy flavours that go well with the juicy meat. Equally delightful is the Kapsalon, which makes for a great comfort food with its cheesy layers and meat, and the fries nicely adding to the mix. Oh, and don’t forget to try one of their refreshing summery drinks {made by Shaistha}. We suggest their Nature’s Love – a fruity concoction with kiwi, lime and pineapple crush, and a dash of soda.

So, We're Thinking...

Generous portions for pocket-friendly rates, Zu’s Doner Kebaps should be bookmarked for the next time you crave for some delicious comfort food.


They are all set to introduce mango smoothies, we hear. And, if Kammanahalli is too far for you, here’s the good news – they’re planning to open an outlet in Indiranagar soon.

Delivery is available in and around Kammanahalli

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ZU's Doner Kebaps

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Fast Food Restaurants
locationKalyan nagar