Scandinavian-Minimalism? You'll Learn And Fall In Love With It At This Lifestyle Store in VR Mall

    Anna Nagar West, Chennai

    What Makes It Awesome

    Minimalism seems to be the shizz now, but Scandinavians apparently, have that in their DNA! Lätt Liv, an Asian lifestyle brand, is proving that to us. Inspired by Swedish simplicity, this label offers uber-cool and minimalistic lifestyle merch ranging from fashion accessories to stationery and gift articles. We found this store on the third floor of VR Mall, looking all futuristic with its grey decor and were instantly hooked. 

    The cutesy socks in powder blue were the first thing that we spotted at Lätt Liv. Basic looking but super soft, these went straight into our shopping cart. We also found aww-worthy bunny keychains, reflectors and bunny hair bands. They even have pretty bracelets, bows and delicate chains along with pastel slings and handbags. But that's just the fashion accessories bit here. 

    Lätt Liv.also has daily use accessories like umbrellas, caps, cutlery, floor mats and more, in muted tones and simple designs. You can also pick out checkered journals, plain folders, tiny notepads and more here. They even have gift articles like scented candles, flower vases, potpourri, toys etc. A total one-stop-shop for all knick-knacks! And the best part - they apparently keep adding over a hundred products across their stores every month, so you can basically expect to find something different every time you pay a visit. Pretty cool, we think. 

      Anna Nagar West, Chennai