We'll Tell You Where To Find Gorgeous Temple Jewellery Starting At INR 250

Shreya posted on 1st December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Looking to flaunt your best traditional looks during Margazhi or a wedding? Find lovely south Indian temple jewellery at Aabharanam.

Traditional Touch

If you thought traditional south Indian temple jewellery was only meant for the blushing bride or only as adornment for the dancer, it may be time to revise your notions about this extremely versatile and popular form of jewellery. Check out Aabharanam, and you’ll find designs, colours and styles to accessorise every saree you may have put aside to wear this season.

Aabharanam offers imitation and original kemp stone jewellery in a variety of classical as well as original, contemporary designs. The Manjari collection comprises blue, green, pink and black chokers whose beads are interspersed with little kempu pieces, an elegant addition to your ensemble.

The Rudra collection has kemp stones studded in rudraaksha-reminiscent balls – dramatic and bold. The guttapoosalu, though not technically temple jewellery, is also replicated – dressy and eye-catching, it makes the perfect accessory if you’re attending a wedding.

Many pendants from which dangle delicate white pearls hang off two rows of black beads; so reminiscent of fresh jasmine, this piece is called Mallika. Aabharanam also invites client’s ideas and is happy to accommodate their desires relating to style and length and customise pieces for them.

Kemp Corner

The brand looks to reinvent temple jewellery with its creative intervention and innovation – it plays around with traditional Lakshmi kaasu or coins, kemp beads, the quintessential kemp pendants and semi-precious stones of various hues. Also on offer are the classical addigais in real kemp stones in blue and the all-time favourite maroon. Original kemp also accompanies strings of pearl for a richer, festive look.

Aabharanam also enjoys working with client’s older pieces – your mother’s or grandmother’s kemp pendant, for example, can be revamped with a black thread choker for a modern, contemporary twist. And if you’d rather something you can wear with Indian as well as western styles and silhouettes, opt for the elegant multiple layered rows of agate that gleam just the right amount at your throat – discreet yet stylish. There’s something for everyone!

Price: INR 650 onwards for necklaces, INR 250 onwards for earrings

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