Coastal City Love: Do What Your Heart Fancies At The Best Beaches In Chennai


    Beach bum or not, every Chennaiite takes pride in the lovely beaches spread across the expanse of the city. From midnight drives to playing in the sand, we’ve all shared a connection with the beaches here in some way. To help you relive those beautiful memories or make new ones (if you aren’t doing that already), we’ve compiled a list of the best beaches in Chennai. Go, have some fun!

    Disclaimer: Given the current pandemic, not all the spots will be accessible in that place, so plan your visit accordingly. Of course, follow ample social distancing and wear a mask at all times. 

    Marina Beach

    Of course, this place is going to top the list. From witnessing the sun disappear into the beautiful Bay of Bengal and walking along the shore to heritage spotting and munching on seafood, Marina invokes nostalgia into every Chennaiite and continues to be loved by residents and tourists alike. The lighthouse also offers some breathtaking views of the city shore and is the perfect spot to spend some time by yourself, breathing fresh air and enjoying the scenic views.

    Covelong Beach

    Located along the Coramandel Coast, Covelong Beach is another popular beach in Chennai. In addition to offering regular chilling scenes, this place also offers the coolest water adventures in the city, particularly surfing. Seafood galore is another highlight of this place, making people come back to it, again and again.

    Elliot’s Beach

    Elliots Beach

    Besant Nagar, Chennai

    Located south of Marina, Elliot’s Beach, better known as Bessy Beach offers many reasons as to why it’s loved by so many. Among the cleanest and less-crowded beaches in Chennai, Elliot’s Beach is also a cyclist’s paradise and is dotted with a slew of eateries and hang out places that spoil you for choice. You can also drive down to Broken Bridge from here where you can witness the most stunning views of the cityscape and a river!

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    Thiruvanmiyur Beach

    Thiruvanmiyur Beach

    Kottivakkam, Chennai
    One of the quietest beaches in the city, this place is perfect for some alone time. With fresh air blowing in your face and an atmosphere that exudes calmness and peace, you can totally forget all your worries here and just relax! This place also attracts a lot of fitness enthusiasts and is great for walking, running, jogging and playing frisbee. 

    Neelankarai Beach

    Neelankarai Beach

    Neelankarai, Chennai

    With beautiful blue water touching your feet as you walk along the shore, Neelankarai Beach makes for a great rejuvenating place. You can also spot some turtles here if you’re lucky and watch them in action as they paddle away! A great place to chill alone and even with your folks, this beach is pretty close to Thiruvanmiyur Beach.

    Arundale Beach

    Arundale Beach

    Besant Nagar, Chennai
    An extension of Bessy or Elliot’s Beach, the calm and quiet you get to witness at Arundale Beach is simply amazing. Not exactly it’s official name, the name Arundale Beach comes from one of the roads that lead to this peaceful haven of a beach. Getting there is an adventure in itself as you have to trudge down a rather spooky path, but it’s worth it.

    Santhome Beach

    Frequented mostly by locals to get away from the city noise, Santhome Beach is another beautiful destination you must check into. Unassuming with azure blue waters and a great spot for playing some sports, this place has our heart.

    VGP Golden Beach

    The main reason we love this beach is because of how safe and clean it is. The adventure sports and rides that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults here is another attraction, making it a great staycation spot! You can also explore Paneer Fort and VGP 2000 Millenium Tower here.

    East Coast Road Beaches

    The East Coast Road is inundated with a slew of private and clean beaches that are well connected by Government buses and can easily be driven down to. Extending up to Mahabalipuram, you can check into any of these for a long drive or a staycation with your folks, thanks to resorts and farmhouses that dot this massive stretch of a road.

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