Get A Happy High With These Transformed Liquor Bottles!


Think twice before you give away your liquor bottles. Give them to Lavanya instead who can throw in some paint and give these bottles an artsy look! 

What Makes It Awesome

Chennai-based Lavanya Sankar is an artist who founded Bodhai, a brand the repurposes old/empty alcohol bottles and makes them into art. The idea is to make art that you will want to keep, use and show off in your home. Though painting bottles started as a leisure activity, it soon became a lucrative business. 

The bottle art she does is categorised under different labels - like The Tissue Series, where a bottle is layered with a mix of tissue paper and Fevicol as the base before painting on it. A lover of animal prints, her next series is titled The Animal Print Series. Lavanya tried her hand with embossing and 3D with The Antique Series. She uses MSeal to create patterns on the bottle which is later painted on. We never knew superheroes could look so cool on bottles. To know what we are talking about, check out her Superhero Series. She has also done bottle art with things lying around at home - titling them Rope Series/ Pattern Series/ Geometry Series/ Glass series. Give your boring water bottle a twist and get it painted by Lavanya. We just made drinking water look so much cooler. She primarily uses only glass bottles but can make do with plastic provided the make is good. As for the paint, 

The bottles are priced from INR 200 onwards. 


Besides bottles, Lavanya could also give your wall a makeover.