Whisk Your Friends & Fam Off To This Villa Near Kovalam & Swim All Day



Check into this bungalow near Kovalam beach and spend your summer by the pool drinking tender coconut water. 

What Makes It Awesome

OK, we’ve found the perfect villa for you to vacay in this summer, and it’s #HolidayGoals. It’s in Chennai but away from all the traffic. It’s like your own little hideaway by Kovalam beach! Nestled between the Bay of Bengal and Buckingham Canal, Bungalow - Kovalam Beach is tucked away near Muttukadu.

The space is perfect for 4-8 guests and has two bedrooms and baths as well as four beds. Both bedrooms are air-conditioned and have a TV, so if all you want to do is Netflix, you can do just that. The bedrooms are spacious with lots of natural light and antique dressers. We love the furniture and decor. Bungalow - Kovalam Beach  is filled with unique home decor items - vintage dining chairs, Chinese fans, and a precious cutlery collection. 

During your stay at Bungalow - Kovalam Beach, you have access to the pool which is all you’ll want this summer, trust us. The pool is right next to the patio and is around four feet deep. It’s pretty big and can accommodate up to 12 people, so you and your friends can jump in and cool off. The bathrooms have glass shower chambers and the kitchen is fully furnished for you to cook meals if you like. The best part about this homestay is that it’s close to several attractions in Chennai - MGM amusement park, Mayajaal Cinemas, Cholamandal Artist's Village, DakshinChitra, Madras Crocodile Bank, Covelong Point, Mahabalipuram, and is just 1.5 hours from Pondicherry. The room is priced at INR 6,500. 


There’s a gym and WiFi as well.