Chennai's Most Candid Wedding Photographers And Why You Should Book Them ASAP

Mahananda posted on 03 October

Ten-Second Takeaway

The wedding finery has been chosen. The venue, tastefully done up. The return gifts have been packed. And the bride and groom are all set to start their happily ever after. All the D-Day needs is someone who can capture all the little moments of joy that might pass you by in the madness of a wedding day. Here are some of the finest photographers in the city who help capture the beauty of your big day forever.

Pranesh Padmanabhan

When Pranesh is not busy managing his travel-themed cafe, he’s behind the lens weaving in and out of wedding crowds. His candid portraits almost have a dream-like quality to them. The secret to his snaps might be the attention he pays to post-processing. A rare photographer who keeps an eye out for his “customer happiness” quotient, no wonder he’s one of the city’s favourites.

Price: INR 1,45,000 upwards

Contact: +918033705420  or email

Find him and his work on Facebook here.

Gayatri Nair

A photographer who sees weddings as a celebration of life, tradition and family, Gayatri took up wedding photography after corporate stints in Singapore and New York. Be it a tearful Marwari bidaai, a rollicking Punjabi sangeet or a lavish Reddy wedding, she’s seen it all and captured it beautifully. She treats each wedding — its aesthetics, struggles, wants and desires as unique. So, if you’re someone who wants something off the beaten track, and not just duplicate what you saw on Instagram, you know who to get in touch with.

Price: INR 70,000 upwards

Contact: Call her at +91 9940046599 or email her at

Check out her website here for details.


Vinay Aravind

After having spent close to seven years in the world of corporate law, Vinay stumbled into the world of wedding photography when photos he’d taken at a friend’s wedding turned out really well, and landed him his first gig. His knack for capturing spontaneity especially when it comes to emotions and expressions sets him apart from others.  Added to this is the fact that Vinay is a one-man show and proud of it! Having travelled across cities, states and countries to capture weddings, he loves the adventure of immersing himself in cross-cultural wedding photography.

Price: On request

Contact: +91 9940676017 or email at

Check out his website here for details. 

Alpheus Danson

Alpheus, a self-proclaimed introvert, found wedding photography to be the most meaningful and fulfilling way to connect with people. He is particularly good at exploring the many textures of human emotion. His photographs are his way of proving that even the ordinary can become extraordinary and wedding chaos can be translated to serenity. His captures fuse the real and the mystical well in their visual narratives. What he also loves capturing are weddings that are intimate, especially ones that don’t follow the usual patterns of a tradition-driven marriage.

Price: INR 80,000 upwards

Contact:+91 9840201678 or email

Check out his website here for details.

Mehavarshni Sreethar

What started off as a hobby and a love for photo walks, has ended up as a passion to capture people at their happiest. What’s special about Varshni is her ability to gauge the exact moment when people are about to break into a heartfelt smile. If you’re looking for someone to know you, connect with you and let you be your brightest, most authentic self in front of the lens, Varshni is the one for you.

Price: On request

Contact: +91 7010377960 or email

Find her and her work on Facebook here.


Amar Ramesh

Be it in the middle of serene backwaters, under a dark, cloudy sky, or under a thick canopy of trees or as balloons fly high  — Amar Ramesh sure has a flair for visual drama.  Having left a career in IT long behind, Amar has been living his dream of capturing the timeless for seven years now. Amar {and his ever-growing team} travel across states to help you preserve some of the best moments of your life with images that are unparalleled.

Price: INR 2,50,000 upwards

Contact: +91 72999 22881 or mail him at

Check out his website here for details.