Kolam Drawing To Bollywood Dance: You've Got To Visit This Cultural Centre In Pondicherry

Sita Cultural Centre


Offering a variety of classes, workshops, and activities, Sita Cultural Centre will give you a wholesome insight into the culturally-rich Pondicherry. 

What Makes It Awesome

Other than just bicycle tours (to soak in the heritage of Pondicherry), Sita Cultural Centre also organises other workshops and activities that will appeal to not just foreigners who are visiting Pondicherry but to the locals as well. We say that because the cultural centre has a mix of activities that are engaging and teaches you about the cross-cultural mix that is Pondicherry. Bring out the artist in you with their kolam and mehendi classes. If sambar and rasam are bae, learn how to make them at their traditional Tamil cuisine classes. They see a lot more Indians here then foreigners, we hear!  

If you are looking to unwind, check out their yoga classes. Suryanamaskar, vajrasan, you will be an expert at these things once you attend their classes. If you are visiting for a few days, they have language classes and introductory class to Bollywood and Bharatanatyam, too.

So, head to Pondicherry, rediscover Indian traditions and heritage. And if you are visiting Pondy for the first time, Sita Cultural Centre will draw you back to the French Town again and again. 


For a relaxing session, just get yourself one of their signature massages that will make you forget your worries. 

Sita Cultural Centre