Grab Your Squad This Weekend And Drive Down To The Stunning Alamparai Fort On ECR

Anirudh posted on 15 January

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Within driving distance from Chennai lies the stunning ruins of the Alamparai Fort. Unspoilt beaches, backwaters and Instagram friendly views make this an awesome day trip.

What Makes It Awesome

Once a seaport, the ruins of the Alamparai fort overlooks the magnificent Bay of Bengal. The fort was built during the Mughal-era in the 18th century. After being destroyed once by the British and later by the devastating tsunami in 2004, the fort has turned into a heritage site and a tourist spot for Chennai folks.

As it lies on the popular East Coast Road (ECR), you can drive down to the fort for a scenic view and a clean beach experience. With the help of the local fishermen, tourists can even have a fishing and boating experience. Don’t forget to bring along your cameras (even a phone camera will do actually), because you will have ample opportunities to click breathtaking pictures at this location. Many Tamil movies have had scenes, which were actually shot at this fort.  

Alamparai Fort is located 100 kms from the heart of Chennai — a little off the ECR, further down Mahabalipuram and 50 kms before Pondicherry. Since it is located in a village between Chennai and Pondicherry, one has to drive down from Chennai and return back after visiting the fort as there are no hotels or lodges nearby. It is rather unsafe to venture to the fort after sunset.  

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