#WrapIt: Ditch Paper And Wrap Your Gifts With These Adorbs Fabwraps

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What Makes It Awesome

Next time you buy a gift, don't stand in the gift wrap counter. Instead, check with Madhuri Mehta and get one of her organic cotton wraps, that have cool art drawn on them. They come in different sizes so you could wrap everything from bottles and boxes to cards and jewellery.  What started as a college project has now become a full-time business and a lucrative one at that. Madhuri started designing fabric wraps from organic cotton for her fine arts project as an effort to reduce paper wastage. She also drew indie art on them with a pen and voila!  - Super quirky, eco-friendly Fabwraps was born. Why wrap your gifts in paper, when you can wrap them in fabric?

Madhuri specialises in Gond, a traditional Indian art form style, which involves intricate work with dots and lines, and draws a lot of wildlife. Her fave animals usually end up getting featured on the wraps and they are adorb max! Seahorse, jellyfish, dolphins, penguin, and elephants, she has drawn them all with her pen. You can wrap anything with these wraps - clothes, bottles, cards, plates, jewellery, everything! The organic cotton is sourced from Erode and the wraps start at INR 200. 

You can also get customised greeting cards, they come in a set of three and start from INR 150. They are made from recycled paper. Our fave is the one with a rooster! Madhuri also makes framed artwork fabric. But what is interesting is that the frames are all made from scrap wood collected from hardware stores which would otherwise go waste. We love the off-beat art on the quirky merch, and brownie points since everything is eco-friendly and recycled!


Madhuri has added fabric calendars and journals soon and recycled handmade keepsake cards! The calendars totes have our hearts looks like the vintage scrolls! There’s lots of cutesy designs for you to choose from, but if you have a specific idea in mind, Madhuri will recreate it. All you need to do is call her and place your order! Hit 'Enquire Now' to do so.


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