Earrings To Unicorn Pendants, This Online Brand Makes Rad Glow In The Dark Accessories

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    What Makes It Awesome

    GlowArtz is what we are talking about. Started by Rizwaan Ullah Sharieff, this online brand makes jewellery and other objects that contain strontium aluminate, a non-toxic, natural crystal powder that glows after being charged with any form of light. Interesting, no? 

    Rings, studs, pendants, bangles, hanging earrings, wooden jewellery and more - they have all of these on offer. By absorbing energy from sunlight and getting charged during the day, they end up emitting light in the night. Their bestsellers include the Unicorn Glow Pendant, Glow Sphere Ball, Glow Ring and Glow Heart Studs. Green, blue and turquoise are the colours they glow in. Apart from these, GlowArtz also sells jewellery made with real flower petals, which we love and can also be made to glow. 

    Apart from jewellery, they make glowing coasters and cigarette holders on request. You can also place customisation requests with GlowArtz for glow painting on objects of your choice. The pricing ranges from INR 150 (for small pendants) to INR 1000 for glow pendants for with real flowers. 


    If you want anything customised, place the order at least four days in advance, as it takes a while to make them. 

      Available Online