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Melt-In-Mouth Mysore Paku & Adais: Here's Our Top 5 Picks At Chennai’s Iconic Snack Shop

Gautham posted on 15 March

When G. Natarajan founded The Grand Sweets & Snacks in 1982 with his wife Bangaruamma in Adyar, Chennai, they were selling only three snacks; mysore pak, laddoo and mixture. His shop was so popular at the time that when a customer commented saying his sweets were “grand”, he decided to adopt the name Grand Sweets & Snacks.

Built on a strong foundation of tradition, hygiene, a simple home-like ambience, it has grown to become the fore player in sweets and savouries with their offerings known for quality and taste. Ever walked into a Grand Sweets & Snacks? It is to Chennai what a Haldiram is to Delhi or a KC Das is to Kolkata. Have a look at the top 5 dishes we recommend at any Grand Sweets & Snacks joint!

Gulab Jamun

A dish that anyone with a strong sweet tooth will appreciate, the gulab jamuns at Grand Sweets are served warm with just the right quantity of sugar syrup. While most stores resort to instant mixes for preparing the sweet, it is made fresh every morning from scratch at their central kitchen. Rooted in South Indian tradition, the main ingredient used to make these is khoa {solidified milk} and you find that the texture is soft, spongy and yum. Don’t forget to take some home for your family! The jamuns can be bought at INR 57 for two pieces at the restaurant or at the sweets counter for INR 590 for 1 kg.

Mysore Paku

There’s a saying that more Mysore Pak {or more fondly known as Mysore Paku to Chennaites}, is sold in Chennai than Mysore itself. We wouldn’t be surprised if this is true as no trip to the city is complete without trying out this sweet which melts in your mouth. At Grand Sweets, the Paku is coarse but crumbly and doesn’t fail to impress. Similar to fudge in texture, it is made with ghee, sugar and gram flour.

Filter Coffee

Coffee enthusiasts obsess over how Grand Sweets manages to perfect every process that goes into brewing a cup of filter coffee. You won’t be disappointed with GSS’s not-too-strong coffee and it deserves a special mention! Priced at INR 27, a tumbler reminds you of the typical South Indian cup of filter coffee!

Adai Avial

Adai Avial is made with combination of rice and dal ground together with other spices included. Similar to a dosa, it is served with avial, a coconut based curry with vegetables. Some might call it a power breakfast as it is a loaded with protein but who says a healthy meal cannot be a tasty one?

Crispier than you might find at other restaurants, the adai avial is priced at INR 70 for two adais in a plate. We like!

Kuzhi Paniyaram

Probably their most celebrated dish, the kuzhi paniyaram {steamed dumplings} at GSS is freshly made and quite large, usually made using dosa batter. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, they come with a handsome side serving of the tastiest onion chutneyand sambhar. What makes GSS’s paniyarams so special? Both variations of the kara {spicy} and the inippu {sweet} paniyarams are equally good. Priced at INR 30-35, you get 3 pieces of the spicy and sweet paniyarams respectively.

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