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Give Your Home That Natural Touch With Merch From This Online Nursery


    What better way to add that chic and sophisticated look to your casa than with plants! We found this online nursery that offers both indoor and outdoor plants at dirt cheap rates!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Cheggit! Grow With Love, an online nursery, offers everything you need to add that natural look to your decor. With succulent frames being all in, who doesn’t want a little cactus sitting on your side table? This nursery offers everything you need to tend to your plant too. 

    With bonsai plants costing just about INR 200, Grow With Love is a steal for you plant hoarders. They offer a variety of flowering plants too. We loved their rain lilly which costs INR 70, including the pot. They also keep Haworthia attenuata, a succulent with a zebra pattern for those uber-cool eccentric homes. 

    Did you know, they set up terrace gardens too? They use live woven bushes (that are still growing) as a fence or a partition, which adds a boho look to the setting. They offer multiple racked pots too for INR 2500. They even have a collection of seeds, including grape and pumpkin, for all you green thumbs out there.


    They offer free delivery in Chennai.