OMG! This Pretty Footwear Made By Kenyan Maasai Women Is #Goals And You Can Buy Them Here

    What Makes It Awesome

    Scrolling through these pictures and feeling like that heart-eyed emoji? We feel you! GypSeek, a new footwear brand has handmade footwear with beads and all-things-pretty. Started by a duo, Sindhu and Keerthy, the idea came about when they first traveled to Kenya. The concept behind GypSeek is to collect, cherish, and listen to the backstory of the things we buy and the people who make them. The footwear on offer is handmade and beaded footwear - gladiators, slip ons, and flipflops. These shoes are made by Maasai women, who are part of an ethnic tribe in Kenya. This community has a distinct attire and we can see their fashion style in the slippers. The shoes are made from materials like beads and tassels and the process involves hand-stitching Maasai beads and preparing the soles from upcycled rubber tyres. Since all of these are handmade with care, no two pieces are the same, and you will have a gorgeous pair of footwear that is also another style altogether. These go great with both ethnic and western clothes, especially skirts and dresses. You can buy these by directly placing orders with them. The footwear is priced from INR 2,000 and they do customisations as well, yay!

    How Much Did It Cost

    ₹1000 - ₹3000