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Healing Crystals & Dream Catchers, We Found Rare Home Decor Products At This 23-Year-Old Feng Shui

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What Makes It Awesome

If you believe in the concept of Feng Shui, then head to the store in Prince Plaza with the same name that has some unique products for every requirement in your life. 

Amp up the #GoodVibes in your home with products from Feng Shui (also known as Vaastu Boutique) in Egmore. Feng Shui when literally translated means wind and water and applies various energy forces to harmonize people with their surroundings. 

So, Feng Shui directly involves the vibes you have with the things around you, and especially in your home. We found several laughing Buddha idols, but, here’s the twist - each of them is meant for different things (and vibes). There’s the usual laughing Buddha, which makes for a good housewarming present. There’s another idol with a bunch of children climbing on the laughing Buddha and he has a huge bag of money and gold coins hanging from his hands - this signifies family. Similarly, there are different idols for wealth and knowledge, too. 

Our fave was the phoenix, which is for one’s career. The phoenix bird is considered lucky since it’s immortal and rises from the ashes. This chunky phoenix is perfect to be hung from your window and is priced at INR 220. We also found ceramic idols of fish, dragons, and quirky dreamcatchers starting INR 150. These will make for unique home decor items and will stand out from the mass-produced gifts that you may find at malls. And, these are great conversation starters, so head to this store and discover the story behind these!

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500