Get Healthy Food Delivered Right To Your Front Door By These Chennai-Based Companies

Anna posted on 11 January

Trying hard to get fit and eat right? But tempted to order that oh-so sweet slice of cake or a whole plate of biryani? Don’t give in just yet! We’re here to help. We found places that offer healthy food and they deliver too. Check them out.

MC’s Lunchbox

Well-known in Chennai for their delicious lunchbox style meals, you can order everything from breakfast to dinner from them. Their menu is decided for the week and you can opt to get food delivered to you every single day or just certain days of the week. Their breakfast items include Uthappam, Poori & Masala, Sambar Idli and more. Their lunch items include Bisi Belle Bath {IINR 68}, Curd Rice {INR 68} and even large portions like the Tamizhanda Lunchbox {INR 110} which has rice, sambar, kuzhambu, rasam and more. Like their breakfast meals, even dinner is planned a week in advance where every day you get something different and absolutely no repeats.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also available in North Indian options if you want to try something other than the usual and you can get items like a North Indian Mini Thali {INR 82} for dinner, Wraps & Rolls {INR 70} for lunch or the North Indian Breakfast {INR 85}.

Order via their website or contact them at 7092168000.

A Salad Company

Salads have always been a healthy option no matter what, and now this company is making it even better with subscription plans! You have the option to choose from vegetarian or non-vegetarian plans – 3 Days {INR 480 for veg & INR 525 for non-veg}, 5 Days {INR 775 for veg & INR 850 for non-veg} and 21 days {INR 3,240 for veg & INR 3,550 for non-veg}. Then select which meal you’d prefer, your location and place your order. Then they will prepare the food and deliver it you based on your selected preferences and their food is free from preservatives, refined flour and sugar, transfats and even MSG. So you’re getting a well-rounded meal in the comfort of your own home or even at work.

And now they’ve even launched a Saturday Brunch option – INR 300 for veg & INR 350 for non-veg – that you can order!


Subscribe to their meal plans via their website.

Madraas Meals

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as eating homemade food during a relatively rough day and that’s exactly what Madraas Meals understands. Their food does not have any added masala and their lunch and dinner menu changes day by day. You can get a chapatti mini meal {INR 60} or meals at lunch {INR 70}, dinner with phulkas {INR 50} and even quick bites {INR 30} which can be sundal, fruit salad or sprouts.

You need to order your meals by 6pm the day before so that the food can be prepared, packed and sent you on time. Lunch is delivered between 12pm and 2pm, while dinner is delivered between 7pm and 9pm.

You can place your order via their website.

Delivery Services

2, 8th Street, Ram Nagar, Nanganallur, Chennai

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Toss aside all those cartons of juice, because the healthiest option is cold pressed juice, which is where Caboutu comes in. Their menu boasts a list of juices {INR 130}, nut milks, salads {INR 170} and soups {INR 130} and all of which you can get in a healthy subscription plan. Their food is free of pesticides and chemicals and they use natural ingredients with high nutritional value. When you visit their website, each item has a nutritional chart, along with other information about what you’re hoping to order. And the best part is, you can create your own meal plan with the dishes that you like from their menu.

You can build your plan via their website.

Delivery Services

101, TTK Road, CIT Colony, Alwarpet, Chennai

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If you’ve got kids in school, it’s always a good thing to start them off on a nutritious meal plan as early as possible. Bitefresh is perfect for kids from the ages of 3 to 16 and they provide alternate lunches that can be taken to school. The lunches are prepared based on age, taste and other preferences so that the children enjoy their meals while also getting all the right nutrition.

And even better is that once you’ve registered {you need to also enter the school code}, Bitefresh prepares the food and delivers it directly to the school so that your student gets their meals on time.

You can register online and order via their website

Fast Food Restaurants

PA Towers, G-9, 869, Ponnamallee High Road, Kilpauk, Chennai

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