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Looking To Take Up A New Hobby? Check Out These Fun Things To Do In Chennai!

Gautham posted on 06 April

Got some free time? Find a hobby to get creative or to just relax. We’re not talking about going to the gym, don’t worry! We’ve done the ground work and listed a few that we think you might enjoy. Why not try these 5 different alternative hobbies instead?

Get Your Hands Dirty With Pottery

Have you ever had your hands dirty with the feel of soft clay? If you haven’t, you need to try out some pottery! You really experience wonders when working with clay and the pottery wheel. It is exciting for most art lovers and at these classes you are taught how to spin the wheel, mould the clay and give it shape.

With this hobby, there are absolutely no rules! Learn to make pots, gifts, pen stands, vases and so on. Check out Life and Art Academy and DakshinaChitra and sign up for their courses!

Classes & Workshops

Life & Art Academy

15, 1st Floor, 3rd Street, Parameswari Nagar, Adyar, Chennai

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Elevate Your Handwriting Style By Learning Calligraphy

Calligraphy is known as the art of beautiful writing. Let your creativities kick in for this one! This is for those who have a fascination towards the arts and designing. These classes will teach you the basics like making pretty letters of the alphabet to the more complicated tasks like creating blueprints for any surface! With this art form, you really get to create a number of designs and fonts for various uses.

Check out Akankksha,  and Mamta Creations that’ll get your writing to slay! You needn’t worry about being a novice as they start with the absolute basics and the teachers are friendly.

Classes & Workshops


21/43, Vellala Street, Purasawalkam, Chennai

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Remember that craving you get for some good cheese while sipping on your wine? Well, have you ever considered the possibility of making cheese in your city? Some say that making fresh cheese is difficult in Chennai but no, it is possible!

I’m sure you’re quite tired of the processed cheese from supermarkets. Do keep an eye out for the cheese making workshops or events conducted at Kase and Ashvita. Don’t forget you get to stuff your face with some amazing kinds of cheeses {natural and handmade} in the process!

Food Stores

47, 3rd Street, Abhiramapuram, Chennai

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The Martial Arts from Kerala – Kalari

Kalari, or Kalaripayattu, is martial art which has been a part of Kerala’s history and culture for a long time now. Retaining its intrinsic qualities, there is an increasing number of people turning towards wanting to learn self defence. Not only are you taught self defense techniques but it also acts as a fitness boost. When learning kalari, the different aspects you will be introduced to are the breathing exercises, how to warm up, meithari, kolthari and yogasanas. Learn a lot in one art form!

Dare to try? Then head to ShajiKalari and Sparrc. Known all over India for teaching Kalari in its purest form, Shaji and the teachers at Sparrc will more than help you learn how to defend yourself.

Classes & Workshops


32/524, 32nd Cross Street, Tiruvalluvar Nagar, Besant Nagar, Chennai

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Learn A New Language Like Japanese

It is widely regarded that while Spanish, French and Italian maybe some of the easiest languages to learn and the Asian languages of Korea, Japan and China might be some of the hardest ones. But don’t you worry! Below, you can find the places where you can learn to speak Japanese fluently, a language that is spoken by more than a 100 million people worldwide.

With the best of resources and top notch training, have a look at institutes teaching Japanese like Hayakawa and FITA.

Community Groups

19, East Mada Street, Aminjikarai, Chennai

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