Aestheticism At Its Best With Vintage Home Decors At This Store In Egmore

    Egmore, Chennai


    If you are an old soul looking to add a classic vibe to your home then this store is the place for you to be with its rare artefact collectables.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Old is gold. Don't believe it yet? The Mi Casa store in Egmore will make you think twice with their rare finds of artefacts and home decors made only for your pretty homes. Started by Ms Namrata Dhawan, Mi Casa has attractive collectables from across the world. Sometimes, they are reconstructed for the purpose of giving it a newer vibe as well. You may find a colourful mirror from a Rajasthani village or a milk bottle from Greece or just a painted vase from Japan. That isn't all, there are products that range from intricate wall hangings, vases and brass trays to scented candles, handmade cushion and bed covers.

    Each piece is one of a kind. Everything is collected by Ms Dhawan who travels the world in search of the tiniest attraction she can find to give your home a global look. You wouldn't want to find the same ceramic plate as yours placed on your neighbour's shelf. for this very purpose, they make only five limited pieces of each to keep the collections fresh and coming.

    The store timings are from 11 am to 7 pm with Sundays closed. With their varying pieces, you will get varying prices ranging from just INR 100 to INR 5000. All you have to do is choose your pick!



    Ms Namrata Dhawan is usually present in the store to help you find the perfect piece for your home and help you with your ideas for decorating your home.

      Egmore, Chennai