Try This Fried Fish And Rice Dish On A Banana Leaf Next Time You Are In Kerala

    What Makes It Awesome?

    I really liked their signature {and only} dish - rice with fish fry/curry, served on a banana leaf. It’s a classic, well-loved combo, a favourite of just about every true-blue Malayali. You get to choose from at least eight varieties of fried fish - seer fish, tuna, trevally, anchovies, mackerel, pomfret, prawn, and shrimp. Spicy and crisp, each of them is a wonderful example of traditional Kerala cooking.

    What Could Be Better?

    The place can get a little congested sometimes so just get your lunch packed instead.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Chalai is a huge market so in order to avoid getting lost, just reach the India Post Office and ask anyone to guide you to the hotel.

    Anything Else?

    The place stays open from 11 am to 8 pm except on Sundays.