Indian Clay To Charcoal Lava, You Can Heart Soap All Day With This Brand

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I Heart Soap

What Makes It Awesome

Fall in love with soaps, thanks to I Heart Soap, a Chennai-based brand which is selling handmade vegan soaps. At a time when we're all shifting to toxic-free and all-natural body products, it can be confusing to choose which works best. I Heart Soap has eco-friendly soaps which come in myriad textures, shapes, flavours, and colours. All of them are handmade from natural ingredients such as turmeric, herbal oils, and fruit extracts. The flavours include charcoal lava, clay, wheat germ oil, thyme oil, rose hibiscus, liquorice root, and coffee Shea starting INR 200. The textures of the soaps also vary, with some being thick and chunky and others being sleek and smaller. Some soaps come with a bunch of gradients and colours, like the charcoal lava soap which has a black base and orange across the layers. You can get customised soap boxes to gift to loved ones and you can also put in flavour suggestions for new soaps. These soaps are meant for all kinds of skin including dry, oily, and rough, so check them out!

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500