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Aqua Zumba, Kizomba, Or Juggling: Learn An Unconventional Skill At La Casita In Pondicherry!


    We can make a list of activities that you can try at La Casita - zumba, kizomba, juggling, or pick up Spanish. Learn a skill, meet new people, and gorge on yummy momos at this spot. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Pondicherry has enough and more things to do. From trying out food at different cuisines, trying a hand at pottery, heading to Auroville, or just soaking in the sun by the rocky beaches, we love the 'let's chill' vibe that Pondicherry gives to its residents and tourists. If you find yourself without a plan, here's an idea. 

    Try your hand at a dance form, taught by the talented Kash. A certified dancer, Kash will teach you to shake a leg or get fit at her dance classes. She takes Zumba, salsa, Bollywood, Aqua Zumba, belly dancing, capoeira, Kizomba, and yoga classes. The classes are taken by Kash and a few other teachers at La Casita, a cafe and activities hub. Kash is a Cuban Salsa Dance Instructor and has been taking these classes for more than ten years. Originally from Himachal Pradesh, Kash moved to Pondicherry a few years ago and has made the French Town her home since. Of all the classes, Zumba is the one that has maximum takers and is priced at INR 350 per class. 

    Besides all the classes, Kash's husband, Romain Timmers is one of the most interesting men you will meet. A juggler and a vertical dancer, he conducts workshops and also teaches Spanish classes. (Can they BE cooler?)

    And if you are tired after all the dancing, head to the rooftop aka Traveller's Cafe. An extension of La Casita, the small cafe with a view of a temple is perfect to read a book and catch up with friends. They also have options for books and guides to browse and table games to pass time. 

    As part of the menu, they have refreshing beverages like Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Tea), Agua Fresca (Cucumber Juice), and Papelon Con Limon (Jaggery and Lemon juice). As for food, they have juicy Tibetian momos,  Aloo Tarkari (Nepalese style) and Empanadas De Viento (deep fried empanadas with cheese stuffing, sprinkled with sugar).