Leave No Man Behind: Here's How You Can Help Kerala Flood Victims

Mrinalini posted on 17 August

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United We Stand

Kerala needs everyone at this moment. Amidst ghastly pictures and videos that have flooded the social media pages, one can only hope those braving these tough times in Kerala find respite and help as much and as soon as possible.
The people of Kerala currently do NOT NEED CASH. They need items such as packaged food, water, sanitary napkins, soap and antiseptic and disinfectant liquid and creams. Below is a list of all the urgently required things, and where you can drop off this. Go on, help our neighbours out. The situation is dire, and you can save a life.

Items Required

1. Ready to eat foods (Biscuits, Tinned Foods)
2. Candles and matchbox (Big Candles)
3. Toothbrush and paste
4. Odomos, mosquito coil and gel
5. Milk Powder
6. Bar Soap/washing powder/washing soap
7. Toilet and floor cleaner
8. Oil
9. Kids and baby wear
10. Dettol/Savlon
11. Utensils
12. Blankets
13. Bed sheets
14. Men’s and women’s undergarments
15. Sanitary napkins
16. Rice
17. Salt
18. Towels
19. Medicines

Drop Off Centres

1. Naturals Lounge,
NO 27,
South Boag Road,
Contact number - 9789708245
Timing: 10am to 9pm

2. Seva Bharathi Karyalaya,
79, Dr Azhagappa Road,
Contact number: 044 26424076
Timing: 9am to 9pm

3. A 26, Sunnyvale Apartments,
A Block,
2nd Floor, 351,
Konnur High Road,
Contact: 9499909312
Timing: 9am to 4.30pm

4. New no 35,
Old number 47,
Beach Court,
Arundale Beach Road,
Kalakshetra Colony,
Besant Nagar,
Contact number: 9884107274
Timing: Till 4pm on Sunday