Trash To Treasure: Get Gorgeous, Upcycled, Unisex Accessories Starting At INR 250

Great For


At Madraskarri, everyday items are upcycled into delightfully colourful, quirky and one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces bound to make heads turn.

What Makes It Awesome

What do the humble safety pin, the ubiquitous soda bottle cap and old magazine paper have in common? They all become the raw material for the very original designs of a one-woman enterprise, Madraskarri. The brand is an accessory line that reinvents and repurposes old and used material – fabric, paper, stained glass shards, wire, raw wax, and other everyday objects – to create funky, eye-catching pieces that become wearable art.

At Madraskarri, choose from chic handmade wire and brass earrings, boho-inspired tassel earrings, summery fabric flower earrings, and stunning brocade-fabric earpieces to complement both western and more traditional looks. Old sarees are converted into breathtaking, well-finished neckpieces replete with the vintage zari.

Fabric pendants and stained glass and painted neckpieces in colour combinations ranging from bold pinks to soothing greens are available, as are quirky rings, colour blocked cuff bracelets and several other unisex accessories (that’s right, there’s something for men too! Metal washers from the household hardware stash are upcycled into chunky statement pendants in striking colours. A newspaper is transformed into elegant and sophisticated serving trays. Bottlecaps are repurposed to make richly coloured fridge magnets.  


Since pieces are handmade and cannot be replicated, stocks are limited, so grab what you like as soon as you see it!