In Pursuit Of The Magical Meswak Herb, This Traveller Goes Deep Into The Forests

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    An adventure that takes you on a road to discovery simply cannot be bested. There’s a purpose, a commitment, and fruits of the toil that makes it worth every second spent on making the journey come true. 

    Meenakshi Aravind - mom, road-tripper, nature lover, and a traveller who covered 28000+ Kms and visiting 24 countries, took up a similar challenge when she set out to find the Miswak aka Uga Maram Tree. 

    As a traveller who loves nature, Meenakshi found herself taking a keen interest in natural products. When she recently bought the Dabur Meswak toothpaste, she found out it was used making ingredients from a rare tree called Uga Maram. Uga Maram, also known as the "toothbrush tree” is known for its natural, antibacterial properties, and has been used as such for centuries, is in fact, recommended by the World Health Organization in areas where their use is customary.

    Sensing an adventure, Meenakshi wanted to find and see the Uga Maram in person as her grandmother had once told her, that one could be found in Tamil Nadu. 

    With few sightings and fewer folks willing to confirm the location, the task at hand was of vigorous research, filtering the rumors, and visiting places to confirm the veracity of the claim.

    Finally, after days, Meenakshi found some credible sources who gave her the name of Ramanathapuram. It was here that she ultimately found the tree bringing an end to another adventure, yet teaching her so much in the process. She found out that the entire area was known as the Meswak Nagar. That this tree with its number of properties helps fights harmful bacteria, helps with fresh breath, reduces tartar, tooth decay, and plaque formation. It’s a tree that truly is called the toothbrush tree and a company like Dabur is using its natural properties with science to create Meswak toothpaste that can help maintain complete oral hygiene.

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