Mor Thatha In Thiruvanmiyur Has Still Got It! Here's All That You Need To Know

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Ramajayam, or more fondly known as Mor Thatha (Buttermilk Grandfather), has been selling the tastiest buttermilk on his bicycle daily from 7 pm to midnight at the Thiruvanmiyur Beach. We first heard about it a couple of years back and have been his fan ever since.

Selling from a mobile cycle shop, you can find him a little further down the road from Thiruvanmiyur Beach. When you see plenty of cars and pedestrians crowding up, you know you're at the right spot. Pretty well known to Chennaites, Mor Thatha has been doing this for over 15 years. His wife Pramilla helps him at home while his son Karthi is at the beach on the days his father needs a rest.

As for the main thing that draws the crowd - his mor - it's a total delight. That's the only thing he sells but let us tell you this - one sip of his chilled mor, and you wouldn't want to have anything else. Served in a glass-half-full with condiments such as maangai (dry mango) and boondhi and perfectly spiced, you will chug down this ambrosial delight in no time. And given the climate we experience year-round, you can easily have this every day - all for the price of INR 30.

Just remember, if you're planning to go to Mor Thatha on Saturdays, get there by 10 pm as it gets really crowded on weekends. You can best check it out with your squad and chill by the beach with some refreshing mor in your hand. It's also perfect for hydrating yourself after a kickass party - something you will find a lot of Chennaites doing when you get there. You can even pack it to go. If you can’t find him, just him a call. He'll be more than happy to guide. 


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