The Heat Getting To You? Plan A Staycation At This Villa In The Green Fields Of Yercaud

Oaks Villa 101


Oaks Villa in Yercaud is a private cottage located by the hills and surrounded by fields. Check into this villa on your next weekend getaway. 

What Makes It Awesome

Is the heat getting to you? Pack a bag and head to Yercaud this weekend. Not only is the weather cooler, but we found a Pinterest villa/farmhouse by the hills. 

Oaks Villa is located in Picture Square, and similar to the area, it is picturesque, with trees and shrubbery all around surrounded by a dense canopy of the hills. Oaks Villa can accommodate up to six people and has two bedrooms and two baths. The villa is sealed off from the chaos of the city and is inside a private compound. 

The wooden furniture, comfy barcaloungers, and spacious hall will make you cosy, as if you’re at home. Step out and you’ll be amidst breath-taking gardens. If you’re driving down, they’ve got ample parking space. The city’s major attractions are anywhere from 5-10km away and the Yercaud lake is around 9km from the villa. The room is priced at INR 6,700 per night and includes food. 

What Could Be Better

There is no WiFi available and the room is a bit expensive. 

Oaks Villa 101