Seafood Lovers, Order Sustainably Sourced Fish & More From Freshfins

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Folks in Chennai, if you’re looking for locally sourced seafood, and organic poultry, Freshfins is just what you need to check out. They offer fresh, chemical-free seafood and poultry to make those chicken curries, and prawn and fish masalas all the more tasty. Freshfins’ founder is an avid angler and his fishing experiences along the Chennai coastline led him to start the brand, with the idea of helping the local fishing community as well as being environment friendly.

    Get a variety of seafood and poultry delivered to your doorstep with Freshfins. It’s as simple as browsing through the catch of the day (freshwater and seawater), and poultry options on the Freshfins website and selecting what you’d like.There are a few things which really set Freshfins apart. For starters, they chill the meat instead of freezing it, which means that all the nutrients, flavour and texture are intact, and the meat is 100% fresh! The packaging is top notch, with all of the products delivered in high-quality FSSAI and ISO certified packaging which helps the meat retain moisture. The Freshfins delivery service also offers a safe no-contact delivery, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

    The brand goes all out to make cleaner, healthier eating easier, by only sourcing seafood that is seasonal and in abundance, and their poultry is humanely raised in an organic environment, without the use of any growth hormones. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the wonders of the Chennai coastline, the joys of eating local, and the satisfaction of knowing that you can get high quality meat without it being a strain on the planet!

      Available Online