Cutesy DIY Kits To Mind-Blowing Party Favours, This Gifting Service Is Killing It!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Pack'O' by Chennai-based Sonal Dhalta is about six months old, but it's already making waves with its fab offerings. A gifting service, Pack'O' specializes in curating party favours and DIY kits for children that will make you wish you were a child too. From cutesy stationery to art and craft kits, everything here is handpicked and curated as per your requirements.

    Their DIY kits are our fave and can be the perfect gifts for the little ones in your life. We love their Colour Me Kit that comes with a drawstring bag with handpainted figures like Doraemon, Peppa, Pikachu, unicorns and dinosaurs. It also carries paints and brushes which kids can use to colour the figures. That's right!  The bag works as a canvas that can be painted on as well as carry around with them, wherever they go. Talk about innovation! Pack'O's DIY kits also include DIY bookmarks, bracelets, coin purses, hand-puppets, reading wands, jars and more. Prices for kits start from about INR 100/piece. 

    The idea is to create something engaging for kids, Dhalta says. Her team also makes a lot of fun felt (paper that has fabric-like feel) stuff like pencil pouches, name magnets with characters like Peppa stuck on them, photo frames, bunters, finger puppets and more. The best part - you don't necessarily have to order stuff in bulk. From a single hamper carrying creations handpicked by you to massive orders, Pack'O' takes requests for all. Their stationery is just as funky as their other products. From bubble pens with stamps and light to gel-based pencils along with board games,  Dhalta throws in these knick-knacks into her DIY kits just for kicks. 


    They've also started taking orders for anniversary gifts and kitty parties. You can also get costumes designed for your kids by them. If you're a last-minute shopper, fret not! Pack'O' can deliver basic favours even in a day's time.