Give Your Kids Their Best Summer Gifts With This New Kids Store At Bergamo Mall


    Peekaboo Patterns with their new store at Bergamo Mall is the best summer gift for your kids. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    It is that time of the year when you can go summer shopping for the kids. And what better place than Peekaboo Patterns that has launched a new store at Bergamo Mall on KNK Road. The new store is a one-stop shop for kid’s furniture, furnishings & accessories. 

    They have a whole new range of exciting products which includes gratitude journals, organic clothes for kids, wooden toys and games, luxury trunk cases, cribs, decor accessories like lamps, pin-up boards, furniture and loads of other accessories.

    We bet you will be super excited looking at the new store which comes with a creative corner. Shop in complete leisure while their kids get glued to the awe of this little corner which is designed with love. This corner comes with a chalkboard, bright colours popping on a lovely activity table and loads of white sheets. 

    Don't forget to check out the basket full of intricately-designed felt/embroidered motif which the kids get to choose from, place it on a pre-made white cushion cover and design their own DIY cushion. At the gift-wrapping corner, one can give the most beautiful final touches to the gifts they buy with a range of pastel shaded gift wrappers. We bet we have given you enough reasons to check out this store for your kids.