Food Trails Or Snuggle Under The Stars? Here Are 7 Things For Couples To Do In Chennai

Arun posted on 20 November

Searching for couple-ey stuff to do with your partner? Check out these seven places, some common, some not so common, but all definitely fun. Trust us, we’ve tried them.

Couple Seats At Escape, Express Avenue

In case you didn’t know, Escape, the movie theatre at the Express Avenue mall has couple seats in all its theatre screens. The seat is basically two seats clubbed into one without a partition in the middle. We’re honestly surprised more movie theatres don’t have this in Chennai. Perfect for snuggling together when you’re all feels watching a romantic movie or when you want to hide behind them during a scary movie.

Movie Theatres

Express Avenue Mall, 3rd Floor, Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai

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Go On A Date At The Amethyst’s Wild Garden Café

There aren’t too many better to place go on a date in Chennai. The lush garden with tiny nooks and hideaways, the amazing interiors in the old world colonial style café and boutique, the sinful desserts and the mouth-watering food are what put it on this list and there’s even a flower shop for that extra special last minute rose you saw and thought of giving her (or him, no gender stereotypes here!). For more on Amethyst click here.


Next To Corporation Bank, Whites Road, Express Estate, Royapettah, Chennai

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Head To The Beach

This no-brainer of an idea is something we’ve all done. Yet the cliché doesn’t get old because the beach looks absolutely stunning during sunrise and sunset. Though do remember, that we live on the East coast, so you’re going to want to catch the sunrise to see the sun coming over the water. Both Marina and Bessy Beach have plenty of food options too. Restaurants and cafes like Mash and Pupil are popular eateries and there’s a world of yummy street food too.

Tourist Attractions

Triplicane, Chennai

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    Food Trails With Puliyogare Travels

    If your SO’s a foodie, earn relationship brownie points by taking them on a food trail with Puliyogare Travels, through the tastiest parts of the city like Mylapore and Sowcarpet. Chennai’s rich cultural history extends to its cuisine and tucked away in tiny streets lie plenty of eateries that serve everything from authentic Mumbai vada pav to super yummy traditional paniyarams. The good folks at Puliyogare Travels know exactly where all these spots are and plan neat little half day food trails around them. For more info click here.

    Stargazing At The Planetarium

    The Birla Planetarium in Kotturpuram conducts cosmic shows and they are an audio-visual treat. The shows have you lying face up looking at the screen which is the entire ceiling of the planetarium’s dome-like roof. Don’t worry you and bae won’t fall asleep, as the shows will take you through the mysteries of the universe and fly you through galaxies searching for life on other planets. For more on the planetarium, click here.


    Gandhi Mandapam Road, Duraisamy Nagar, Kotturpuram, Chennai

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    Surfing At Surf Turf, Covelong

    Trying out a sport with your partner is a great way to keep things fresh and what better sport to try out in this heat than surfing. Surf Turf is a surf school in Covelong that is super beginner friendly and offers a lot more than just surfing. They have a cute café cum bed and breakfast right on the beach too. Their surf lessons start at INR 1,500 and are open to non-swimmers too. They will provide you with all the safety equipment you need and have trained professionals at hand to work with you. Read more here.


    Plot 10, Pearl Beach, Ansari Nagar, Distt. Kanchipuram, Kovalam, Tamil Nadu

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    Volunteer Together At This Kennel

    Chennai has plenty of organisations that take care of stray animals yet most struggle with man power, like Cloud No 9 Kennel and Nursing Care. Founded by ardent animal lovers, the group has hired vets and opened a tiny vet clinic cum kennel to provide affordable medical care for dogs and cats, while also functioning as a pet boarding facility. They’re always looking for animal lovers willing to spend a little free time with their animals. For more info on them click here.

    Pet Care

    1/226, Plot 12, 1st Cross Street, Dhanalakshmi, Moovendhar Nagar, Ashok Brindavan, Iyyappanthangal, Chennai

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