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Go Green & Liven Up Your Homes With The Help Of These Plant Nurseries

Mridula posted on 25 April

Have a green thumb? Here’s where you can get lovely plants from nurseries around town and deck up your home, terrace and outdoor garden. Now that summer is here, nothing like these plants to keep it cool, eh? We’ll even tell you where you can get bright floral arrangements and more!


Opeth Nursery

Opeth Nursery, on ECR towards Akkarai, has plenty to offer! While they have Bougainvillea, Adenium and Ficus Black, our finds of the day were the varieties of trees. Yes, it is time to bring home your own mango tree this summer! The nursery sells guava, mango, chikoo and pomegranate trees starting from just INR 100. The prices goes up to 2,500 if you’re looking for a bigger one. In the flowers section, we loved their Tecoma, a bright happy-coloured ornamental plant. They also specialise in both ball and stick varieties of cacti perfect for your verandah. Home delivery available.

Timing: 7am to 7pm


Gardening Stores

State Highway 49, East Coast Road, Near Sai Baba Temple, Injambakkam, Chennai

Karuna Nursery

This nursery is a Bougainvillea paradise. Right from the dreamy entrance to the many acres it is spread across, this nursery down East Coast Road is oh-so pretty. They have Bougainvillea of all colors and sizes in gigantic pots, starting from INR 200 to even 30,000! Undoubtedly these are their best sellers. What we also loved in this sprawling nursery were their succulents. They have petite and spiky Haworthia and a whole range of cacti. Their succulent bowls filled with around five varieties of cacti and costing INR 4,000 is worth the buy if you don’t mind splurging a bit. We also spotted hundreds of indoor plants like Aglaonemas {Chinese Evergreens}, rubber plants and Bamboo Palm ranging from INR 600 to 2,000. And that’s not it. We discovered a Lotus pond in the middle of this beautiful garden and were told that you could pick one of the stems for INR 2,500. Quite a magical place indeed! They also home deliver saplings on request.

Timing: 6am to 6pm

Gardening Stores

170/2, East Coast Road, Sakthi Vinayakar Nagar, Injambakkam, Chennai

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Flower Power Florists

In the midst of nurseries, if you’re wondering where to go to pick up flowers and cute plants for bae, then Flower Power is the place. Not technically a nursery, but we couldn’t resist! The boutique style florist in Besant Nagar is fancy and a lovely place to stop by. Too bad it is not December yet, because that’s when we fell in love with this place. Filled with Christmas decor like wreaths and trees, the place is filled up during the season. But nevertheless, they have plenty to offer all year long. From Marigolds, to roses and lilies, they pack up some amazing bouquets and have a bunch of bright and colorful flowers starting at INR 200. Their wall decor is the spot to capture moments at, while the rest of their hanging pots, indoor and outdoor plant varieties are displayed among an all glass studio setup. If you’re looking for the right place to give you wedding decor idea, then Flower Power is an ideal stop. They also have some petty vases and other gifts for all occasions.

Gardening Stores

38/64, Rukmani Road, Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar, Chennai

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13 Degree North

Nature lovers, here is another quaint stop to make to go green! 13 Degree North is a nursery that has plenty exotic varieties to offer. The nursery welcomes you with huge palms and bamboo trees you might just consider to take back if you have a sprawling garden. For those of you looking for the classic Bonsai, there are some rare ones on display here. The Bonsais go up to INR 50,000 and their special range includes – Sapota and Brazillian Rain Tree.

Apart from shrubs and many exotic cacti and indoor plants like Areca Palm, the nursery is a hub for clay pots. We couldn’t stop ogling at their huge Greek-style pots and the many cement pots of all shapes and sizes, starting at INR 100. Don’t forget to check out 13 Degee North’s Green Wall installation. Quite a sight! Read more here.

Gardening Stores

Sparkling Sands Avenue, Akkarai, Injambakkam, Chennai

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