Write This Way: These Pens Grow Into Plants Once You're Done With Them!

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    Say hello to this stationery brand/startup from Coimbatore that makes eco-friendly, recycled pencils and plant seed pens.


    What Makes Them Awesome

    Plantcils is a startup from Coimbatore that makes eco-friendly recycled pencils. Started a few months ago by Divya Shetty, a software engineer turned entrepreneur, Plantcils aims to reduce deforestation that comes from making traditional pencils. Traditional pencils are a huge cause for deforestation and once discarded the wood takes 12+ years to decompose. Plantcils, however, make their pencils from paper waste like old newspaper and cardboard. The process rolls newspaper around a stick of graphite after being dried for 24 hours. This makes it feel firm and easy to hold, just like a regular pencil. Not only that the pencil lead is less likely to snap than regular pencils as the lead is perfectly centered. It’s easy to sharpen as the paper is a little softer than wood, which means sharpeners last longer too. They’re available in 2HB lead at the moment and in a variety of colours and designs like superhero pencils and fruit smelling pencils (apple, strawberry, and pineapple!).


    Starting price for each pencil is INR 6, with custom designed pencils going up to INR 10 per piece. In fact they make custom pencils for occasions provided orders are larger than 50 units. There’s not only pencils but pens too! You have to check out their eco-friendly plantable seed pen. Made from recycled cardboard the pens contain dormant seeds from plants like mustard, chili, tomato and sunflower. After it’s a lifetime, the pen can be composted in your own garden to sprout plants, how cool is that!? Each pen can be custom made to house just one type of seed or many, and at just INR 13 per piece, we think a set of pens and pencils from Plantcil will make for great gifting. They can be purchased from their online store on their website and have recently opened shipping to international destinations.

      Available Online