We Found A Store Which Sells Cutesy Budget Blankies, Clothes, And More For Babies

    Nungambakkam, Chennai


    Looking for a soft baby blanket and stuffed animal pillows for playtime? Playful Trails, an online store has that and more!

    What Makes it Awesome

    This online store is sure to make you wish you were a kid. Called Playful trails, this store offers cutesy baby products your baby needs every day. They have printed wash cloths starting INR 200 and really soft blankies starting INR 799. We might have got ourselves one. Or two!

    Playful Trails also has a good collection of pillows in various sizes and shapes like stars and hearts. They have stuffed pillows in the shape of animals as well starting INR 800. Our fave is their alphabet pillow collection, a bunch of bouncy alphabet-shaped pillows. They also sell bedding sets that have a bumper, razai, bolster, and a cushion.

    We found some cute Raggedy Ann style stuffed dolls that are compact and eco-friendly! There are adorable frocks, shirts, and skirts for children starting INR 500 and a bunch of stuffed bunnies that look like The Velveteen Rabbit illustrations in the book. Toys, clothes, blankies, and more, Playful Trails will help keep your children comfy & cosy, that too on a budget. 

      Nungambakkam, Chennai