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    10 Quirky Golu Dolls That Should Be On Your Navratri Steps

    Aasha posted on 03 October

    The golu craze is only getting bigger, with more stalls on the streets and more dolls on the shelves. We went to Mylapore Tank (the best place for golu bommais) to see what was cookin’, and we found a bunch of off-beat bommais that you could add to your collection, this Navaratri!

    Curious Cat

    Um, have you seen this adorable cat bommai? Take a new route for your golu dolls this year and get this new, handpainted wooden cat. All the features of the cat are handpainted so no two dolls look the same! They have their own biometric mark, literally! We think they also emote different emotions and are damn cute! 

    Price: INR 80

    Adorable Cafe Furniture

    Modern is the way to go, and the sellers know that. There’s a new cafe furniture set - four chairs and a table. And each table has a different illustration, one has a coffee mug on it, and knowing our love for kaapi, we’re sold! There’s a Chinese restaurant furniture set, which comes with Chinese alphabets on the chairs. Another table has a sketch of a man and a woman on a date! And it seems like love is in the air because there are hearts above them (shipping them hard, huh?). These sets are complete with a tiny umbrella on top of the tables. 

    Price: INR 120


    Manga and Anime fans, there is a brand new Doraemon figurine this year! Made of clay, this hand-painted figurine will be that cherry on top of your golu steps. We also found Shin-chan figurines! 

    Price: INR 250

    Old Woman

    This old woman draped in a white and red sari with a straight face caught out attention. (Reminds us of a politician, doesn't she?) Her nails are painted, she’s carrying a basket, and it looks like she’s on the move. Another woman is draped in a plain white sari, she has a bindi on her forehead and is carrying laundry. The seller tells us that these women are marching towards their freedom. This doll will make for an interesting addition to your golu collection and the back story is even better! 

    Price: INR 280

    Wooden Ganesha

    These tiny, red and yellow, wooden Ganeshas are super cute. Each part has been designed separately and assembled together which is why they are imperfect and are different from the regular sand ganeshas (which we bet everyone has). The Ganesha is complete with a shankam and there’s another model which comes with a damruka

    Price: INR 90

    Holy Trinity Of Carnatic Music

    We found the holy trinity of Carnatic music, also known as The Three Jewels of Carnatic music which encompasses Tyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar, and Syama Sastri. The three musicians belonged to the 18th century. These dolls are finished with the instrument played by each composer - tamburas and a veena. This ensemble is perfect if you’re a music lover who never misses the December kucheri season. 

    Price: INR 500 

    Devaki Behind Bars

    A jail with bars and guards - does this piece remind of you of our mythology? You are right! This doll depicts Krishna being rescued right after his birth as Devaki is sitting behind bars. This ensemble is made of clay and we love how the piece is unique and shows Krishna’s life with minimal elements. This is the only doll which is out of our budget, but it’s so unique, we wanted you to know about it!

    Price: 800

    Miniature Huts

    We found two sets of huts - one roof with hay and the other of bricks. We thought it may be a Three Little Pigs reference. These small huts are made of sand and are handpainted. They will fit in perfectly with your miniature ensemble about village life. Amp it up with a women-only farming workforce we found at this place. 

    Price: INR 100 (for three huts)

    Instrument Set

    This set of four instruments includes tabla, ghatam, tambura, and a harmonium. The keys of the harmonium are in perfect proportion and are made of clay. The tambura even has the knobs and four strings. So much love for music! 

    Price: INR 200

    The Thirsty Crow

    This doll, specially made for children, depicts the story of the thirsty crow. You can see the black crow dropping a pebble into the large, brown pot of water. This doll has been made to help install morals in children, the seller tells us. We think this doll is for all ages, gives us a good reality check! 

    Price: INR 120

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