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    This Chennai Brand Is Giving Us Vegan Lipsticks, Beer Soaps & More

    Shreya posted on 02 June


    Whether you believe in opting for “clean” products, are an animal lover who insists there be no animal testing, or a vegan on the quest for a lipstick without lard, RawEarth is the place for you.

    Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

    Launched in January by two women who are otherwise full-time working professionals, RawEarth is a venture that aims to provide skin-care, eye-care, hair-care and a few cosmetic products that are organic and handcrafted, cruelty-free, and also have vegan alternatives. Starting off with soaps and lip balms, the venture soon grew to much more. Sharmila and Sowmya, the women behind the brand, are responsible for everything – from sourcing to packaging.

    At Raw Earth, vegans would undoubtedly find reason to rejoice. The lipstick range is completely vegan, and boasts of an impressive variety of colours from a vibrant red to a muted nude priced at INR 650. The kajal too is vegan, made as is tradition from castor oil, almond oil and bhringraj fruit, but which entirely avoids the use of ghee. In most products, the brand stays away from honey, uses cedarwood as a replacement for musk, and soywax instead of beeswax.

    Among male customers, cruelty-free beard oils have proven to be a big hit, priced at INR 750 per 30ml.

    Food For The Skin

    Customers may choose from an incredibly wide range of soaps priced from INR 120 to 250 – from olive oil and shea butter, activated charcoal and lemongrass with its anti-acne properties, avocado and green apple, and deliciously fragrant chocolate and coffee, mango, strawberry and even red wine and beer soaps!

    Also available are bath salts in calming lemon, rose and dead sea salt. Choose from face creams, body creams that comprise a luxurious mix of butters including avocado and mango, hair mask creams and face washes like flaxseed especially suitable for oily skin.

    Face and body scrubs come in some delectable combinations – nutmeg and basil, beetroot and strawberry, and even Brazilian orange clay. The best part about buying RawEarth products? The personalised customer service with owners providing honest recommendations based on the customers’ needs.

    RawEarth products can often be found in exhibitions, and is soon to be retailed at a local organic store. For orders, visit their Facebook page here.

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