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Enjoy Your Bath With Merch From This Online Store


    This online store makes soaps and gels that make your bath fun and therapeutic!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Bathing should be a fun yet therapeutic affair and this Tirupur-based online store knows it well. Soapy Bubbles makes and sells handmade soaps and gels from kitchen and garden ingredients. Not only do they have the mineral-rich properties of the ingredients used but are vegan as well! Pomegranate, avocado, kesar, haldi and even sandal soaps - these smell delicious and come with the goodness of essential oils. The cutest thing is the way they handcraft the shape of their soaps. Little hearts, pulpy orange or even a blooming flower, they look aesthetic AF!

    Soapy Bubbles also makes a variety of gels for skincare, bubble baths and hair care. Rose gel, water gel, pimple care gel, saffron gel, scrub gel to even red wine gel. The options are just so vast! Along with that, they have also started making vegan homemade lipsticks with natural colours from fruits and vegetables. Apply your favourite colour and head out feeling fabulous. Not only will this add tint to your lips but moisturize it as well.

    Soapy Bubbles also has night creams, serums and lotions! You can also ask them to customise gift hampers according to what all products you require and what need or issue you require it for. Get them all for prices starting just for INR 30 plus shipping charges.


    Ask them for a recommendation regarding their products according to what your skin needs.