Arun posted on 30th March

Feed Your Obsession With These Stationery Stores In Chennai

Stationery shopping is a ritual for most of us. Each locale in the city has its own stationery store that we religiously frequent. However some locales have better stationers than others, be it in their variety of products and their prices, and hence they stand out. So for those reasons you need to check out these eight stationery stores across Chennai.

Madras Art Store

Aka MAS, is an offshoot of its parent stationer, Hindustan Trading Company. This beginner friendly art store houses art supplies like brushes, canvases, art books, etc, as well as a range of stationery equipment. The stationery equipment is of great quality and that reflects in the price as well. Their pens range from the expensive Lamy to the more common everyday ones like the Uniball. Expect to spend at least INR 100 for a nice pen here. Apart from that, they’ve got the usual array of notebooks, pencils, clips, erasers, and other knick knacks.

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Hindustan Trading Company

Aka HTC, the parent company of MAS, is the crème de la crème of art and stationery supply stores in the city. They cater to artists and designers and that is reflected by the range of products they have for them. Great if you’re an artists or designer in the market for supplies, but for us common folk, their stationery section is all we’re interested in. Similar to MAS their stationery equipment is top notch. From battery operated erasers and sharpeners to Faber Castell rulers and pencils, if you’ve got an itch for stationery, HTC will cater to you.

For more on HTC, check out their snappy website here. They also have an online store!


This Chennai brand stationer, occupies the art supply cum stationery market as well. With three branches across the city in Kilpauk, Anna Nagar and Mambalam, Starbox offers crafting essentials {knitting and stitching equipment, jewellery beads, clay, etc}, art supplies {easels, brushes, paints, canvases} and stationery equipment. The stationery section offers the usual pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers and other writing supplies, desk accessories like clips and folders, and there’s also a section for architecture and engineering students that houses geometrical supplies and precise measuring equipment. Price wise they’re a little cheaper than MAS and HTC, but just as good.


This popular bookstore from Kolkata, while known for its books, also does stationery. The range available isn’t as close to what you can get at the previous three places, but is still respectable. You’ve got colourful post it notes, to the classic Parker pens, to cute notebooks and vibrant crayons. The reason we included Starmark is because it’s the most accessible. Located in both Phoenix and Express Avenue Mall, you’re really not far away from a quick stationery indulgence when you visit either of those malls for a movie, or for some shopping. If you’ve got kids, they’ll be sure to love the vast number kids themed notebooks, pencils, pens and other stationery materials.

They’ve even got an online store with a 30% discount on Duke pens right now! Click here to check it out.

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Premier Stationers

Situated on TTK road, this 30 year old stationery store has sold stationery to the devout residents of RA Puram and its neighbours for a long time. They are not like your fancy HTC or MAS, their supplies occupy a lower price point. Pens starting at INR 5 and 10 are available and you can find notebooks for around INR 20. Their writing instruments and stationery supplies while functional and of good quality, are of a replaceable nature, and honestly those are the kinds of pens, pencils, etc most folk like us use. Their service however stands out as their staff have been around for a long while and understand the stationery business in and out, so if you’re not sure what brand to pick or what you’re searching for, 9 out of 10 times they’ll be able to help you out. To that end if you’re searching for a particular item that isn’t available, they can help source it for you too!


Makoba is the truly elite class on this list. To say that they sell stationery is a bit of a misnomer as their focus is predominantly on high end pens. Their glass covered showroom houses an arsenal of pens that start at Mont Blanc and Sheaffer and go up to Bentley and Ferrari {yes pens, not cars!}. The reason why we included Makoba on to this list is because it’s a great place to pick up nice gifts now that we’re not starving students. A quality Mont Blanc or Sheaffer would make for a nice birthday present to that one friend who you have absolutely no idea what to get. Speaking of gifting they’ve got a nice range of men’s belts and wallets {leather too!} as well as watches.

Bunder Street

Bunder Street in Parry’s Corner is the exact antithesis of Makoba. Quantity over quality is the mantra at this wholesale stationery market. Bunder Street is not one store but a tiny street filled with stationery stores that sells writing instruments, paper supplies, and desk accessories. You can find pens as low as INR 2 and INR 4 and in various colours! The same goes for notebooks and pencils. All of which can be bought in wholesale quantities. Looking to stock your office or class? Then this is the place you need to go to.

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Words And Worths

This 18 year old bookshop in Besant Nagar has an impressive stationery section which houses art supplies, writing instruments, desk accessories and paper supplies. Starting from Camlin oil pastels to Staedtler pencils and Parker pens, they have stationery items on all ends of the spectrum, all the way down to the simple Natraj pencil. That range should keep all the school going/novice stationery hoarders happy, but for the artists and designers you’ll have to try your luck elsewhere. They sell good quality functional stationery across budgets, and like Premier Stationers, are happy to try and source specific items that are unavailable in their inventory. For more on Words and Worths and their other services, check out our feature on them here.