This Local Organic Store Is A One-Stop-Shop For All Your Daily Needs!

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What Makes It Awesome

When IAS-aspirant Srivatsan Srikanth came across the plight of farmers struggling to survive in 2014, he decided to educate himself more about their problems and do something to help them. Luckily for him, he realized he was already surrounded by some passionate and renowned personalities in the field of organic farming, using whose counsel he founded Svasta Organic Store, a one-stop-shop for all things organic.

We're talking everything from fruits, vegetables and dairy to cosmetics, body care products, pooja ingredients and snacks. What started off as a brand with nearly 20 products on offer is now a full-blown organic supermarket with nearly 300 products of their own and over 900 products (all organic, of course) on the shelf. In Chennai, Svasta has two physical stores in Kotturpuram and Adambakkam and they also home deliver. If you ask Srikanth about how they managed to grow so much, you'd hear him say it's through word of mouth and customer feedback. Whenever someone's come to them requesting for an organic version of a regular product, they've explored that opportunity leading to so many diverse offerings that you can shop right away. 

In fact, this brand is so invested in human interactions that Srikanth and his team personally take orders over phone or Whatsapp, looking at it as an opportunity to get to know their customers better. Their wood-churned oils and cow ghee are their bestsellers. They've also got organic honey, which they not only sell here but also export to Germany. They also export their yield to Australia, Singapore, California. Talk about a local brand making it big abroad.

You can also shop for chemical-free agarbattis, mosquito-repellent, bathroom cleaners, organic pottery and more.  In snacks, Svasta Organic Store's got an interesting range of Indian sweets, chocolate made with jaggery, millet noodles and organic ice creams. They've organic bread spreads and spices too, and we can't wait to try them out! 


Some of their products might seem expensive but it's only because of the quality of their ingredients and the labour that goes into making them. 


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