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Party It Up At These Awesome Nightclubs & Pubs In Chennai

Yes, if you’ve been to nightclubs in other cities, sure they’re more in number, but hey, Chennai’s got a pretty good lineup of clubs to party at too! Whether it’s a lovely rooftop bar or a pub with a dance floor to bust some stellar moves, Chennai’s nightlife has come a long and wonderful way. Here are some of the best nightclubs and resto-pubs in Chennai you can head to for a night of awesome. Wear your best outfit and strike a pose. If you love to dance, we’d recommend keeping your heels at home for the night, ladies!

This place is fairly new but has already become quite the watering hole. Located in Nungambakkam, we love how spacious this resto-bar is (dance the night away, people) having both indoor seating as well as a beautifully lit, rooftop area. The bar and food here is killer with bartenders resonating the energy created by the DJ. With all the latest commercial tracks filling up the room, you would want to bust a move or two here. This place is open from 7 PM till midnight!

Not exactly a club, but Radio Room in MRC Nagar is one of our favourite places to go to on a Saturday night. Pop some moves to popular commercial tracks while sipping some refreshing cocktails like their Pina Colada and Milo cocktail. The place tends to get really crowded and there really isn’t an exclusive dance floor, but you’d still want to fight your way for some space and sway to the chart-toppers. If you don’t drink or dance, their appetisers are worth chowing down and you can always people-watch.

This place may have been around for ages, but it's still got its charm. The black dal is still as good, so is their paneer. Pop and Bollywood are the tracks you'll find yourself grooving to here. If you're not up for dancing, there's enough place for you to unwind as you people-watch and give in to the energetic ambiance. 

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