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We Found A Place Where You Can Buy Second-Hand Books For Just INR 50!


Books piled high, this corner inside a building in Pondy Bazaar has second-hand books from authors like Mario Puzo, Jackie Collins, and Jeffrey Archer. Pick any book for just INR 50 here. 

What Makes It Awesome

More than 300 books are stacked together on the second floor and a bold sign reads “Each book Rs. 50/- only”. These books get shuffled and the collection changes every few weeks. The books are curated by Ravi, the owner of Ravi Book Shop, with the help of many of his customers.

People can drop by and donate their old books and pick up new ones from here. You can find books all year round, and some are brand-new! Collections of prominent authors like Dan Brown, Umberto Eco, Colin Forbes, Clive Irving, and Robert Ludlum can be found in plenty here.

The books here don’t look new, because they are second-hand, but they contain stories of people who have had them for years. You can find personalised notes written on some books by people who had gifted them to their loved ones. So, you’re not only taking home a book, but a memory. 


Walk in further and you will find another pile of books that cost just INR 20. Looking for a specific book? Tell Ravi and he will try and source it for you. 

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