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XBox Or PS4: Here Are The Top Gaming Places In Chennai

Gaming in Chennai has been around since the dawn of internet cafes and with gaming becoming more accessible, people just choose to play at home. So we’ve found some of the best gaming places and cafes worth going to. PS4, Virtual Reality, Xbox, what's your poison?

The oldest gaming café on this list, Blur was the first large scale gaming places in the city that wasn’t in a dingy room in a converted house. The three-floor setup has plenty of stations for console (PS4 and Xbox One), VR (Xbox Kinect and Wii) and PC gaming. The PCs are souped up and can handle most current generation games at 4k resolution. They’ve stocked each gaming station with quality gaming accessories including bucket seats and noise cancelling headphones, too.

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If you thought Blur was big, then Arknemesis will blow your mind. The massive setup in Ispahani Centre houses 68 high-end gaming rigs, PS4 Pros, and 21 inch 4k LED TV’s, and if that doesn’t blow your mind, note that the space is 6800 sqft big. Just like Blur, there’s PC, VR and console gaming, along with a collection of popular games on all major platforms for you to enjoy. What’s more, they’re community focused and host local CS: GO and Dota tournaments from time to time and even do parties for birthdays and corporate events.

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The newest gaming place on this list is the exact opposite of the first two entries. It’s a very small outfit that has just six PS4’s in the entire café. However, they’re on this list for a very different reason. The space is designed like a gamer’s den and has minimal frills save for bean bags, consoles, and HD TVs, along with a café to recharge between sessions. If you’re a gamer who doesn’t fancy the cliched titles like Fifa 18, WWE or NBA 2k18 then you’ll enjoy GAMEtric as there’s plenty of games from other genres that are super popular too like Dragon Age Inquisitions and Last Of Us.

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